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    "We cartoonists were always dealing with deadline problems. We lived for the euphoric joy of getting a job done under tough conditions and turning it in, so we could start the vicious cycle anew." - Mike Esposito, Alter Ego #54
Welcome to my lil' ol' (don't forget official) website! I'm Drew Geraci, Proprietor.
Specials include rare and unpublished comic book art!



Pencils: Scot Eaton Inks: Drew Geraci
   I've been fortunate enough be a steadily-employed Inker for DC, Marvel and all the other major publishers for close to sixteen years. But I was a comics fan first, and I still am. I LOVE comic books. Maybe a little too much. I'll probably end up a doddering old fool who forgets his wife's name, but will remember who inked Daredevil # 35 over Gene Colan (I think it was John Tartaglione). See? Can't get more official than that!
   I'll be delivering commentary primarily on comic books, the creative process and the highs & lows of working in this industry. When I was age 7, reading and drawing comics opened a world of wonder for me. As a teen, I began to seek out fanzines that covered comic creators' lives and careers, absorbing all I could. That's the frame of mind I'll try to reference when contributing material for this website: Offering the sort of comic book curiosities that I craved as a wide-eyed fanboy wannabe. This is a creator's scrapbook of sorts, containing "rarities" and other obscure ink jobs, such as "commissioned work" for fans, which the general public doesn't get to see.
   Some of the pencil artists I've had the pleasure to ink: Scot Eaton, Greg Land, Steve Epting, Karl Moline, Howard Porter, Dusty Abell, Dave Johnson, Butch Guice, Yanick Paquette, Kevin Maguire, Scott Kolins, Jim Aparo, Paul Ryan and more.
   I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. The highlight of my education there was taking several semesters of life-drawing classes from the late, great Henry Koerner (1915-1991), whose work graced many a Time Magazine cover. He was inspirational, brilliant, hilariously funny and the world was made grayer by his absence.
   I'm not gonna bore you with a list of my favorite foods, bands or TV shows. I may touch on such subjects to underscore a point, but that's about it. Some comics pros writing articles for comic-related publications stray from the format to endlessly review movies or push political agendas. That's not me.
     I hope you enjoy what you see on this site and I have to thank Chris Drysdale, Webmaster, for helping me showcase this material. Thanks also to my wife Karen for her unwavering love and support all these years (See? I won't forget your name!) This site is dedicated to my parents, Robert and Patricia Geraci, who never gave up on me.
Drew Geraci
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